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When the company switched its layup to a Kevlar and FRP mix, Hinckley became the first production manufacturer to commit to Kevlar, a space-age synthetic fabric from DuPont.
produced a blueprint for the space-age elevator, which could be in operation before the next century.
Courtesy of Bookstein, Clarke, and Cogswell, the stage reads as space-age scientific laboratory.
Because of aggressive marketing, patients view this as modern, space-age treatment," he says.
Made by Howard Leight, a leader in hearing protection, Good Night Snore Blocking Ear Plugs utilize an innovative new design and space-age materials to block snoring sounds while allowing other important sounds, like alarm clocks, telephones and children's voices, to pass through.
LAV STRUCK The space-age toilet in Tokyo; BLADE RUNNER With Camilla; SMILES Duchess and woman in traditional dress
from 1939 till his death in 1944, when his plane disappeared while he was on his way to entertain troops in Europe - it isn't hard to imagine another tribute to the swing master in another 100 years in a space-age Bowl.
His pieces often seem roomlike--some suggest miniature avant-garde stage sets with oddly angled ramps and space-age catwalks--and, while never getting too close to addressing social environments, refer to the convention of the architectural maquette.
A vertical pavilion almost touching its easterly neighbour, the house bulges in the middle, then tapers in towards the roof (a space-age mansard?
SPACE-AGE tunes and fireworks will create a musical feast in Nuneaton this summer.
The space-age technique requires a few pencil-sized incisions and reduces recovery time from 6 weeks to 10 days.
While the original Moshe Safdie 100-story-plus space-age design was to bring the city $450 million, lawsuits and compromise caused a change in architects to David Childs of Skidmore Owings Merrill, and reduced the size and shape of the project as well as the city's payment to $330 million.

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