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When the company switched its layup to a Kevlar and FRP mix, Hinckley became the first production manufacturer to commit to Kevlar, a space-age synthetic fabric from DuPont.
It includes a good glossary, a world map with important space-age sites, and a list of space centers students can visit throughout the United States.
LAV STRUCK The space-age toilet in Tokyo; ROYAL WEE Charles fascinated by astro loo; BLADE RUNNER With Camilla; HANDS ON Meeting Tokyo children
The author supplies a short history of snowshoes, then covers the remarkable improvements in snowshoe technology - today's snowshoe is a lightweight beauty made of space-age materials, unlike the clumsy rawhide and bent wood models of the past.
A Matisse-like floating woman is cut out in neon green and set amid space-age stars and circus rings; the same rings appear in bright yellow and hot pink behind the outline of what can only be a pinup baring her breasts.
Designed by Thomas Heatherwick, this space-age pin cushion is a modern interpretation of a 'sitooterie' (derived from the Scots meaning a 'small summer house'--literally a place in which to 'sit oot').
The revolutionary space-age fabric has a highly reflective, heat-deflective silver outer.
produced a blueprint for the space-age elevator, which could be in operation before the next century.
Courtesy of Bookstein, Clarke, and Cogswell, the stage reads as space-age scientific laboratory.
Because of aggressive marketing, patients view this as modern, space-age treatment," he says.
Made by Howard Leight, a leader in hearing protection, Good Night Snore Blocking Ear Plugs utilize an innovative new design and space-age materials to block snoring sounds while allowing other important sounds, like alarm clocks, telephones and children's voices, to pass through.
LAV STRUCK The space-age toilet in Tokyo; BLADE RUNNER With Camilla; SMILES Duchess and woman in traditional dress

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