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Spacecraft 3D is among the first of what are known as augmented-reality apps for Apple devices.
Air Force artwork shows the Orbital Test Vehicle, a new Boeing craft that will be the first spacecraft since the shuttles to have the ability to return experiments to Earth.
Traditionally, spacecrafts have used fuel-guzzling engines to punch their way across the solar system, says Edward Belbruno, a mathematician at Princeton University who masterminded the first spacecraft journey along low-fuel highways in 1991.
SpaceShipOne is the first -- spacecraft to launch into space.
Proposes advanced stochastic modeling and analysis tools for the reliability and survivability of spacecraft and space-based networks.
The X-37, NASA's experimental aircraft demonstrating technologies for future spacecraft, is installed in a structural-testing facility at Huntington Beach.
As he sees it, the slight rise in cosmic ray intensity indicates that the spacecraft is approaching the shock region but is not quite there.
That makes it possible for a single spacecraft to fly by all four.
Agency officials said they want the spacecraft to begin conducting missions no later than 2014 -- and the closer the better to the planned 2010 retirement of the space shuttle fleet.
Here's a short list of NASA's latest spacecraft, all of which are doing more with less.
Bryan McGuirk, SES AMERICOM's President of Media Services, said, "I thank AMERICOM's space systems' team for delivering a terrific spacecraft that will serve the media market for more than 15 years.
The Lockheed Martin team already has announced it will assemble the spacecraft in Florida if it wins the contract.

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