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Astrotech's support not only includes use of our world-class satellite processing facilities, but takes advantage of our growing mission services such as spacecraft fueling.
The agency wants the spacecraft to be ready for use to take astronauts to the space station by 2012 at the latest, and preferably by 2010.
Starsys' subsystems enable critical spacecraft functions such as pointing solar arrays and communication antennas and restraint, deployment and actuation of moving spacecraft components.
Spacecraft 3D uses the iPhone or iPad camera to overlay information on the device's main screen.
Work on the program then continued under a $301 million contract to support a now-canceled NASA effort to develop a manned spacecraft to augment the space shuttle fleet.
Engineers are designing trajectories to send spacecraft coasting along these routes to make voyages that were previously unimaginable.
BLAST OFF: One day, these reusable spacecraft that take off like planes could replace NASA's aging shuttle fleet.
The Mars MicroMission program aims to cost-effectively explore Mars by launching many small, inexpensive, identical spacecraft capable of performing numerous types of missions over a period of nine years -- rather than sending large, costly vehicles infrequently.
Ddevelops parametric models of spacecraft and spacecraft subsystem reliability and multi-state failures
The X-37 was one of three X-plane projects launched during the Clinton administration to test technologies for future spacecraft.
His team conjectures that sometime in January 2003, a chance increase in pressure from the solar wind pushed the termination shock outward, leaving the spacecraft behind.
February 17, 1998 Voyager 1 surpasses an older spacecraft to become the most distant human-made object in space.

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