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According to the company, the ProSpace is a novel, biodegradable polymer balloon spacer designed to safely and temporarily separate the rectum from the prostate during prostate cancer radiation therapy.
This will have a significant impact on the compression behavior of the spacer bolt and therefore, compression tests were performed on both materials to evaluate their mechanical properties.
Measurements included characteristics of clonal growth and expansion (number of ramets, number of spacers, total rhizome length, total spacer length, node length of spacer and number of nodes), morphology (ramet height, ramet base diameter, average node length, number of leaves, total leaf area and specific leaf area), and ramet biomass and allocation (whole ramet, shoot, root, rhizome, spacer and shoot-root ratio).
Later, he recommends the placement of spacer or pressure control (bud did not mention clearly about the wax spacer design).
The spacer can now be mortised into the stock so the upper surface of the spacer is exactly flush with the top of the receiver.
There are two groups, which underwent intervention in the form of MDI (Fluticasone propionate 125 micrograms and salmeterol 25 micrograms) inhalation either with spacer or without spacer.
We understand the impact RO technology has and will have on water availability around the world and we want to be part of the community committed to developing next generation products, such as feed spacers, that can impact water treatment performance," says Ivan Soltero, strategic marketing manager at Conwed.
The Aerochamber spacer with mask is a valved holding chamber with a soft, integrated silicon face-shaped mask, which creates a secure seal on the child's face with minimal effort.
Compared to 'regular' spacer fabrics, which need to be cut, trimmed, and sewn, we make the product during knitting," says Heiko Schirmer, one of Kobleder's innovation and product-development engineers.
Rates of hospital admissions did not differ between patients receiving beta-agonists via a spacer compared to a nebulizer in both adults (relative risk [RR]=,94; 95% confidence interval [CI], .
The Foot Spacer enables its users to sleep comfortably on their backs.