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The award is great recognition for the production team at Edgetech who were so integral to the design of Super Spacer Alpha," said John Stark, Edgetech's works manager who collected the award at the ceremony at the Ricoh Arena.
Conwed manufactures a full line of feed spacers that are part of layer configurations in RO spiral wound elements.
It is important that those caring for the child are shown how the spacer and MDI are used.
Stifel contracted Miami, Florida-based product management services leader Innovation Direct[TM] to represent the Foot Spacer to potential licensees for a 2 year period.
Tile spacers are designed to be left in place while the adhesive and grout set, but this can result in a poor finish because you can sometimes still see the tile spacers after grouting.
The Forest Service arches used 1 x 2 top and bottom chords separated by 2 x 6 spacers, but this did not work well with our sharper curvature.
We are firmly of the opinion that the handicapper has re-evaluated The Spacer not on his form, but on Evan's reputation, which is simply not fair.
In an effort to investigate the interaction between the spacer bar design and frame/sash material on the thermal performance of windows, a series of tests were performed on a number of windows in a controlled environment (e.
The finger is packed with a 4-cm Merocel sponge, and the anterior edge of the spacer is closed with a 2-0 Prolene suture.
He removed the cable from the aircraft and noticed a spacer in equipment bay 5 appeared to be the wrong size.
Jack is a Spacer, working in a bar on an inhabited asteroid.
Instead of using the usual metal or foam spacers and a silicone sealant to hold the insulated glass panel in the PVC frame, Sashlite patented a profile design with an integral U-shaped PVC spacer.