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Table 1: Blast analysis summary of the different samples using the nuclear internal transcribed spacer sequence fragment.
We found that the spacer sequence remained stable over the [approximately equal to]10-year period.
Percent similarity based on comparisons of the intergenic transcribed spacer sequence alignment from 7 Bartonella rochalimae isolates Red fox, Coyote 22 Isolate source France Coyote 004 sub2 Red fox (Paris suburb, France) 100 99.
It is characterized by a unique internal transcribed spacer sequence and causing respiratory tract and disseminated infection in HIV-infected patients in Colombia (1).
Years later, in 1993, the team of researcher Juan Francisco Martinez Mojica of the University of Alicante, Spain, independently reported the same finding but in archaeal genomes, and described the sequences as repetitive and palindromic, which were separated from each other by means of spacer sequences, and which had a leader sequence at their start (4).
Longibrachiatum including related teleomorphs based on analysis of ribosomal DNA internal transcribed spacer sequences.