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The first spaceship had not yet traveled beyond the atmosphere.
The obvious question is, "If Spaceship Earth continues soaring through space for eons, with no external resources other than radiant energy, how long will it be able to continue providing life support?
The spaceship is piloted by Russian cosmonaut Aleksandr Samokutyayev.
His show This Way To Spaceship tells you all you need to know and will be flying to venues across the UK in July and throughout the Edinburgh Festival in August.
Explain that the classroom is like space, the cup is like a spaceship, and the toy is like a person in space (an astronaut).
Return To The Forbidden Planet WOLVERHAMPTON GRAND A SLOW lift-off doesn't deter Bilston Operatic Company as they stage Bob Carlton's musical aboard the spaceship Albatross.
We have a Toy Story 3 Spaceship Charger, which is not only a replica of Buzz Lightyear's spaceship but also doubles as a charging station for Wii RemoteO.
Pandorum 15, 103 mins The year is 2174 and on board the spaceship Elysium, astronaut Corporal Bower (Ben Foster) wakes from hypersleep with no memory of his mission, closely followed by his superior, Lieutenant Payton (Dennis Quaid).
INDIA sent a spaceship called 'Chandryan' to the Moon which is now malfunctioning.
That's what it will feel like to blast into space aboard SpaceShipTwo (SS2)--the first commercial spaceship.