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Hence, for instance, Leslie Scalapino's line: "if there's no overriding structure, 'There is no character-simulacrum for it to reside in'" (14; the layout of the original book places text spaciously across facing pages, enhancing a sense that we are reading "bursts" of fragmentary moments).
Few documents could be more democratically colored and more spaciously conceived than the Soviet constitution of 1936, under the authority of which some of Stalin's worst crimes were committed.
Nissan has carved out a neat little niche with the Qashqai and this facelifted model is spaciously generous, stacks of head and legroom being available in all parts of the cabin.
Low-density housing, with homes set out spaciously amid sprawling green spaces, is growing increasingly popular and real estate developers are wooing buyers with such niche projects.
Subtle colors and spaciously arranged tables provide a relaxed, casual atmosphere; a silvery string-bead screen divides the large dining room into two cozier sections.
Little Storeton, pounds 525,000 ENJOYING a semi-rural location, this dormer bungalow is spaciously planned and beautifully presented throughout.
With stylish good looks, spaciously airy cabin, well thought out storage solutions in either five or seven-seater form, "family oriented cars don't get any better than this," said the What Car?
In Madrid works were hung spaciously and set off against a handsome, uniform dark green background, whereas in London each room is a different colour.
With the Captiva LS, you're presented with a wealth of storage solutions in its spaciously comfortable cabin.
If there are flaws to this tremendously researched and eminently readable biography, one is that the first half of the book, which takes us up through the creation of Fantasia, is more generously documented, more spaciously narrated than the second half, which seems cramped and more sparsely detailed.
There now stands a garden vibrant in colour and spaciously arranged.
Making this full diversity visible is not only an exciting contemporary scholarly challenge that presents genuinely new, necessarily interdisciplinary questions, but opens up the possibility of reinterpreting Jewish identification as spaciously multiracial.