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With regard to the special seaside scenic area in which Spangle Inn is located, the city government said the area spans the city's northern coastal area from Keelung Maritime Plaza to the border with New Taipei City's Rueifang District.
Spangle embroideryis the technique of sewing spangles onto a fabric along the contour of the color silk thread patterns.
Moreover, as the lead content in the bath increases, so does the size of the spangle. Corrosion test results indicate that the share of the particular constituents in the makeup of zinc's crystal orientation system, which changes under the influence of the lead content in the zinc bath, leads to a more than twofold extension of the time required for the surface of the galvanised steel sheet to corrode.
* Budget Friendly: The SpangleElite uses reels of spangle material instead of individually manufactured rhinestones, so the cost is much less.
Best are those with naive carvings or inscriptions along the length of the shan and pretty glass beads of different colours, known as spangles, strung on brass or copper wire to act as the weight.
Spangle Tangle kit is designed for children with low vision.
According to judgment, in Kashmiri songs competition, Mohsin Ali & group of Spangle House School System secured first, Hadeeqa & group of Dr AQ Khan School System bagged second, Sheza Abbasi & group of Spangle House System Campus 2 got third and Taram & group of Ability School System remained fourth.
LEMON-SCENTED VERBENA: Its foliage smells beautifully of Fizzy Spangle sweets - remember those?
I DON'T know about you, but just cannot resist a bit of spangle like this fab cocktail ring from my favourite jewellery store, Mikey.
Beautiful 16-year-old Ellen Spangle, a horsewoman and animal healer of near-mystical proportions, longs to leave the circus and lead a life of the mind, perhaps as a governess.
Brought out in 1948 as assorted crystal fruits they tasted like nothing else, they said suck a spangle and be happy.
Quotation are invited for Supply and erection of pre-fabrication / pre-engineering Double unit toilet including civil, electrical, sanitary and waste management as per drawing Pre- engineered structure of 0.6mm zero spangle skin (250 MPa minimum strength) made of 120 GSM, powder coated, cold rolled sheet for wall and roof sandwich panel.