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Lacy bras, spangly leggings, and figure-hugging bodysuits showed off her toned, tattooed physique.
A SOLIHULL theatre group will be donning spangly platform boots and flares for a special fundraising event next month.
Can't recall Mickey or Donald wearing a spangly thong," I countered, pointing to an ebullient bloke, flouncing on a float.
Anyone who lives with their mama that long and dresses up in that much spangly gold with black lacquer on their eyes has definitely got something going on.
As I glided across the frozen floor in the spangly black and orange catsuit kindly lent me by Jenna (I left mine back at the office) I could only assume her peals of laughter were nervous giggles brought on by being in the presence of one so skilled.
The spangly suit had been somewhat toned down to a pinstripe sparkle.
Basically the message was off with the jeans and on with the spangly frock.
A PAIR of spangly gold ones helped turn sexy songstress Kylie's career around - and now hotpants are THE fashion must-have for the summer.
The movie's lead actor, hunky Heath Ledger, got cozy with fellow Aussie Naomi Watts (whose spangly, cranberry-colored dress and dishabille hair evoked a Glamour ``don't'' moment).
On the one hand, you can't help but wonder where she found a surgeon willing to wear a spangly black-and-silver getup during an operation.
Only her hair is bigger as she slinks about in the spangly see-through body stocking and embellished leather jacket.