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When I thought I had it I cried to her to slack away; but the spar righted, despite my efforts, and dropped back toward the water.
While I was rigging it between the top of the spar and the opposite rail, Wolf Larsen came on the scene.
Anything more awe-inspiring than the spectacle of this long line of departed royalties (there were twenty-seven of them, the last being Ignosi's father), wrapped, each of them, in a shroud of ice-like spar, through which the features could be dimly discovered, and seated round that inhospitable board, with Death himself for a host, it is impossible to imagine.
The spars were cleared away, the anchors and guns heaved overboard; the sprit-sail yard was rigged for a jury-mast, and a mizzen topsail set upon it.
The HISPANIOLA herself, a few yards in whose wake I was still being whirled along, seemed to stagger in her course, and I saw her spars toss a little against the blackness of the night; nay, as I looked longer, I made sure she also was wheeling to the southward.
Understanding the benefits of consuming natural and organic foods, SPAR Oman has added products in multiple categories including gluten free, organic, vegan, wheat free, vegetarian, dairy free, lactose free and sugar free at the section.
The first SPAR stores are expected to open in the first quarter of 2018 with a target of opening more than 20 SPAR supermarkets over the next five years.
The first SPAR stores to open in Cyprus are planned for Q1 (first quarter of) 2018 with a target of opening of more than 20 SPAR supermarkets over the coming five years," Ermes said in a statement on the website of the Cyprus Stock Exchange on Tuesday.
Aunique initiative to promote entrepreneurship in Oman has taken wings with SPAR Oman signing an agreement with Nakheel United Enterprises LLC to launch its first independent retailing model through sub-licensing.
The arrival of SPAR in Brazil is very important to the development of this sector," said Jonathan Dagues, the former Managing Director of the New Momentum companies prior to their acquisition by SPAR and now CEO and President of each of the SPAR Brazil companies.
Interested participants can sign up for the competition either by registering on the SPAR Oman Facebook page or by filling out an entry form at any of SPAR outlet in the city.
Netherlands-based SPAR International recently reported 2014 global retail sales of 31.