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Commenting on the new product line YVS Vijay Kumar, CEO, Mahindra First Choice Services said, MFC Spares was set up to address the challenge of availability of high-quality auto-spares, at competitive prices and with faster delivery timelines.
One key observation is that spare tires are often left unchecked or overlooked in between regular vehicle maintenance resulting in safety issues for drivers.
He said it is the group intend to supply quality spare parts so that the users should have full confidence that they are get best spare parts with they buy ISH spare parts.
A blue Transit van parked in Ell Dene Street, Felling, had its spare wheel stolen sometime between 9pm on Thursday and 8am on Friday.
And spare us lilacs, scent so over-ripe suspicion of some cover-up is
Spare Key Minnesota is thrilled about the opportunity to serve even more families with critically ill or injured children," said Anne Bomstad Miller, executive director of Spare Key Minnesota.
4 : to give up especially as not really needed <Can you spare a few minutes?
If you hit a big enough bump, the spare tire may go flying.
Rebecca Wilson, European brand manager for Spare, said: "The new Spam slices are great value and open up another new category for Spare, it is the first time we have branched into the sliced meats market and we are confident that Spare slices will be very successful.
Overall there were just three spare places in the whole of Wales and 258 across the UK.
The sole Spare the Air alert, which notifies area residents that air pollution is expected to reach unhealthy concentrations, was issued on July 26.
Blue Squirrel maker of the anti-spam software Spare Sleuth, is issuing a free edition called Spurn Sleuth Lite, which helps eliminate e-mail spare, viruses, and phishing scams for a single e-mail account before they can reach an inbox.