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Name any terms, reverend sir, even to the halving of my kingdom; but banish this calamity, spare the sun
But I could be back in three days, if thee couldst spare me.
Said Paul' I'll lend you, when I can, All the spare money I have got-- Ah, Peter, you're a happy man
To prevent its being expected, she had fixed on the smallest habitation which could rank as genteel among the buildings of Mansfield parish, the White House being only just large enough to receive herself and her servants, and allow a spare room for a friend, of which she made a very particular point.
That is true; do not spare the wine of the cabaretier.
Is there any claim that I can release or any charge or trouble that I can spare my husband in obtaining HIS release by certifying to the exactness of your discovery?
No, Mary,' said she, 'if Richardson and you have anything to spare, you must lay it aside for your family; and Agnes and I must gather honey for ourselves.
He explained that our lives bad been spared because at the last moment Tu-al-sa had returned to Phutra, and seeing me in the arena had prevailed upon the queen to spare my life.
Marilla and I cleared everything out of the spare room yesterday.
If you take a seat, it's just possible that he may spare you a minute or two in about an hour's time.
Outside of my house, I beg that you will spare no trouble in tracing the lost money to the person who has really stolen it.
and you are welcome to what little money I can spare, if money is wanted.