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In case Peugeot stops spare part supply, the required parts could be easily replaced by domestic suppliers or suppliers from other countries.
MUSCAT: Some consumers are complaining of high prices being charged for vehicle spare parts being sold in different wilayats of the Sultanate.
Meanwhile, the Army needs a plan to overcome critical spare parts shortages, said the General Accounting Office, the investigative arm of Congress.
AMCOM estimates it will spend $635 million on spare parts in 2002.
origin FMS articles for spare parts, or repair of a common configured item from one country to another without approval from the U.
Take a contract to provide spare parts for a set of radar tracking monitors.
com/research/7c48d6/car_spare_parts_in) has announced the addition of the "Car Spare Parts in Greece 2009" report to their offering.
Traditional algorithms for determining spare parts holdings assume random, independent, demand for spare parts items.
Fitch's affirmation on the class A notes primarily reflects the value of the spare parts securing the notes, which has remained consistent since close; the availability of Section 1110 of the U.
By redirecting its spare parts business to focus on customers' unique requirements, ABB has been able to bolster profit margins, drive top-line revenue, and improve customer satisfaction and retention," said Mark Vigoroso, Vice President, Service Chain Management Research.
The company is also using Datastream 7i to manage spare parts inventory and has integrated the software with other systems to manage capital rebuilding projects and to capture production data.
Delivery of spare parts for SRI 1-8, divided into eight lots, as follows First lot: Delivery of spare parts for Hydro cyclone systems KREBS.