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64% are disturbed between one and five times each week in the evening or on the weekend; with 16% saying they are disturbed more than six times a week in their spare time.
It's interesting, I said to the Man-in-Charge the other night, that our son has any spare time, given he's a science undergraduate and spends his weekends caving or visiting his girlfriend, who lives several hours away.
With the support of Castle Court Consulting, I've decided to study for my Chartered Finance exams for a career in finance - using my spare time to gain knowledge and qualifications that will prepare me for the future.
Depending on this, according the spare time for teaching learning strategies, a meaningful difference (p<,01) was found in the one way variance analysis done between the teachers who provide students to focus on the sentences in italic, bold and capital which are the subtactics of attention strategies.
In this year's New Year's Honours List, more than four in five of all the OBEs and MBEs awarded went to people who have carried out charitable or voluntary work, either as a career or in their own spare time.
In his spare time she puts Luther to work doing other chores, such as reluctantly evicting people who can't pay the rent on her apartments.
Say Uncle'' stars Peter Paige as a gay man who likes to hang out with kids at the playground in his spare time.
After all, how many of us continue to play dodge ball as adults, do calculus in our spare time or say the Pledge of Allegiance in the morning?
In her spare time, she loves to travel, read and cook.
In his spare time, he collects antiques, loves his life-long sweetheart, Mavis and solves a mystery or two.
So, as a gift to his children to help them achieve financial independence, he wrote The Real Estate Recipe: Make Millions by Buying Small Apartment Properties In Your Spare Time.
In his spare time, the Norton, Ohio native enjoys running, golfing and spending time with his wife Michelle, two sons, Kyle and Corey, and daughter Kelsey.