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The lack of props--and Riccardo Hernandez's sparely conceived scenic design, made up largely of tables, chairs, and moving panels, with no fixed scenery--would facilitate the many scene transitions the script required.
As Bowe's close reading draws out, it is a symbolically rich composition that marries its archaism and elaboration to a seemingly more modern and sparely expressive handling of the painted and leaded line.
In Asian cities, vulnerability was linked to the fact that in response to the constant threat of fire, houses were built cheaply (and furnished sparely).
in the late 1980s, the sparely told project weaves together a taut, gripping narrative, in stark contrast with the flatness of its characters and color scheme.
But the neighboring town of Oxford bailed them out with a couple truckloads of salt, which, in turn, Leicester had to use sparely and wisely, Mr.
"Ivan: The Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla" is a sparely narrated, sensitively illustrated true story of a captive gorilla who has come to represent issues of animal welfare and animal rights in North America.
Jules and Remy are sympathetic characters whose romance has believable ups and downs, the mystery is suspenseful and compelling, and the circus world is believably (if sparely) built.
In the scene that establishes the relationship between them, Razi and Sanfur sit in an apartment room sparely furnished with suburban leather couches.
Coverage over the western United States has gaps over the highest terrain and sparely populated desert areas, but is still extensive (covering perhaps 65% of the land area) and includes all the major West Coast population centers from Seattle to San Diego.
As HmPVA of which PVA/DC molar ratio is 1:2.34 is sparely soluble in water owing to its high content of hydrophobic fatty acid chloride residue, HmPVA having the PVA/DC ratio of 1:0.64 was used in the preparation of HmPVA-EPC conjugate.
He and Saker are also playing close attention to the dimensions of his jump into delivery - the crux of most fast-bowling techniques but one which features relatively sparely in Finn's case.
After breakfast, we walk several blocks to the Fashion Lab, a warehouse sparely furnished with sewing machines, design tables, and dress dummies.