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The spareness of the meal shows Rockwell's determination not to depict overabundance in the picture that was inspired by Franklin Roosevelt's Four Freedoms speech of 1941.
12) As Flahiff asserts, "It is the spareness of Beckett-whom she was reading and seeing performed at the same time in Paris that she was doing this final work on her novel .
The limited number of works from any given period lends the show a spareness that keeps it moving and makes it easy to trace his search for new strategies, new ground.
Puritan ornamental spareness was an outgrowth of a moral abhorrence of popery while many contemporary evangelicals feel that traditional ornament is not sinful but simply off-putting and therefore counterproductive to the evangelical mission.
Much was made of the stylistic spareness of the so-called dirty realists, but the real parsimony at work was psychological.
Hopper's visual images center on spareness and alienation, loneliness, and exteriors of the urban landscape.
This verse in the Hebrew is made up of two six word halves; in its spareness lies much of its power.
The editing of the volume is good but the overall appearance is drab, featuring a black-and-white spareness.
The worship scene that Faulkner describes in the final section of The Sound and the Fury manifests the left-wing Protestant juxtaposition of sacrality and spareness.
To some, they might seem nihilistic in their austerity and spareness.
Having as its founding figure Ezra Pound, imagism is distinguished by its directness, spareness and elitism.
Marshak's second stanza, especially, captures the economy and spareness of Wordsworth's images of the violet and the star.