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Sparer began his speech enumerating reasons the topic of transforming dental hygiene education has particular significance for him.
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This is a particularly satisfying win for our client," said Sparer.
Sparer writes that while Medicaid allowed states "discretion to determine eligibility rules, .
Sparer, "Poor Program's Progress: The Unanticipated Politics of Medicaid Policy," Health Affairs 22 (2003): 31-44.
Or perhaps we've been so overdosed on historically precise TV adaptations of classic period novels that we can't adapt to a sparer way of approaching Dickens?
In his view, Greene's turn to a sparer realism in the late 1940s divested most of his subsequent works of that dynamism, and hence yielded less potent, if still professional, stories (although Bergonzi does exempt The End of the Affair and, to a lesser extent, The Heart of the Matter [1948] from this censure).
And one wishes Das had engaged more directly with some of the previous criticism he nods to so assiduously in the footnotes--with, for instance, the work of Allyson Booth, whose vision in Postcards from the Trenches (1996) of the representational crisis caused both by corpses and "corpselessness," though far sparer in its historical grounding, bears interesting relation to Das's own.
Though Bill Quigley has recently sent out a passionate and compelling battle-cry for a poverty lawyer revolution (10) that needs to be taken seriously, in my view, the heady days in which the Cahns, (11) Ed Sparer, (12) and others (13) imagined that lawyers would participate in movements to radically improve social life for the poor are gone.
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His amiable but stiffly posed and thinly painted portrait of his parents (1977) is a Chardin-like household scene, although in sparer surroundings than Chardin preferred to paint.