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MFC Spares will offer spare parts of leading 2-wheeler brands like Yamaha, Hero, Honda, Bajaj, Suzuki, Royal Enfield, TVS, among others.
Temporary spares on many mini-vans have started moving them to up under the vehicle between the front seats and with the valve stem up.
Incomplete spares requirements forecasts for which spares will be needed, by whom, in what quantities, and in what timeframe.
These included the FMS reserve, a program currently in place by the Navy and DLA, which freezes disposals of spares for obsolete equipment, making them available to FMS customers.
12/7/95, held that rotable Spare parts used in a company's computer repair business were depreciable capital assets.
The chart on the next page reflects NAWC-AD providing support equipment, NAVICP spares, and NATEC publications data as the main sources of data to FIST.
Just since January, the company - which was primarily a distributor of spare interior cabin parts - has moved into the manufacturing arena by buying Van Nuys-based Flightways Manufacturing Inc.
eIuThe goal of the pool is to better utilize each partyeIUs spare CFM56-7B engine assets and improve spare engine productivity by as much as 30% to 50%.
One initiative naval aviation logistics managers adopted was expanded use of readiness based sparing (RBS) as a method for reducing shipboard spares allowances.
Land and Armaments' spares and services unit, located at Anniston, Ala.
Hornet customers wanting to exchange an item to another country have had to either sell their available spares through warehouses located the U.
Vykor Spares significantly reduces lead-time for out-of-production spares by up to 40%.