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If god spares Beth, I'll try to love and serve Him all my life," answered Jo, with equal fervor.
I begged by all the saints in heaven he would let me off; but it would not do, -- when the general laughs he spares neither mad man nor sound.
Yes, as long as God spares me, this room shall be filled with memories of you.
The neighbouring parsons drive up, and when nobody is looking their wives count the candles in the cake; the active lady in the next Schlass spares time to send a pot of flowers, and to look up my age in the Gotha Almanach; a deputation comes from the farms headed by the chief inspector in white kid gloves who invokes Heaven's blessings on the gracious lady's head; and the babies are enchanted, and sit in a corner trying on all the mittens.
while heaven spares my reason,' replied I, snatching away the hand he had presumed to seize and press between his own.
Necessity, which spares our betters, has no pity on us.
Death takes the good, the beautiful, and the young--and spares me.
She was the incarnation of all the short moments which every man spares out of his life for dreams, for precious dreams that concrete the most cherished, the most profitable of his illusions.
He is our Father and Maker, and He pities and spares us.
Hence, the spare boats, spare spars, and spare lines and harpoons, and spare everythings, almost, but a spare captain and duplicate ship.
Said Paul' I'll lend you, when I can, All the spare money I have got-- Ah, Peter, you're a happy man
To prevent its being expected, she had fixed on the smallest habitation which could rank as genteel among the buildings of Mansfield parish, the White House being only just large enough to receive herself and her servants, and allow a spare room for a friend, of which she made a very particular point.