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By these methods, we can obtain the sparest coefficients [alpha] corresponding to signal x, when sparse dictionary D is given.
Whereas in the first two episodes, the writer weaves intricate narrative webs for the wax figures that include romance, deception, murder, and cases of mistaken identity, the final episode presents only the sparest possible storyline.
This Choral Symphony has moved from the sparest of openings, trembling bare open fifths evoking the cosmos (is this a deliberate anticipation of the search for God beyond the stars?
This is why Blanchot's sentence ends enigmatically on a dash, as if only the sparest, and arguably most ambiguous, of punctuation marks could hope to do justice to this proto-verbal posture, as if only "--" can illustrate the link between vers and vers.
In his Prelude annotations, Raymond Havens only provides the sparest of maps of France and Switzerland traced by a student from an undated London Times Atlas (first edition, 1895) (6) Similarly, in separate works Max Wildi and Donald Hayden reproduce modern-day sketch-maps and photographs of the region in order to plot the tour and to situate the pivotal missed-turn at the Pass: "One would like to know which were the three unforgettable hours [of Wordsworth's 'walk among the Alps']," Wildi claims.
Perhaps the sparest example of this strategy is the percussive sound track that projected from a ceiling-mounted speaker toward one corner of the gallery.
The Economic and Social Council and the General Assembly have adopted the sparest of pointers (1) while the Human Rights Council has adopted a code for its Special Procedures that includes limited provisions with respect to fact-finding visits.
Even in the sparest, even in the most amateur performance, the materialization of the drama feels like play, involving us wittingly and unwittingly in an intensified enactment of the activities that make us most human, the visible enactment of culture in our bodies.
Sober, monumental, with only four actors and the sparest scenic means, it seemed a rebuke to the current taste for both comic and, indeed, tragic excess.
Hernandez's artwork is deceptive in its simplicity--cartoon line drawings, unpopulated, devoid of all but the sparest detail, suggesting without stating, whispering over shouting.
She leads us through 14 installations on post, a Via Dolorosa, with the sparest instructions.