sparing of words

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Sometimes I have not been successful in my purpose, sometimes I have, supporting it upon the shoulders of the truth; which truth is so clear that I can almost say I have with my own eyes seen Amadis of Gaul, who was a man of lofty stature, fair complexion, with a handsome though black beard, of a countenance between gentle and stern in expression, sparing of words, slow to anger, and quick to put it away from him; and as I have depicted Amadis, so I could, I think, portray and describe all the knights-errant that are in all the histories in the world; for by the perception I have that they were what their histories describe, and by the deeds they did and the dispositions they displayed, it is possible, with the aid of sound philosophy, to deduce their features, complexion, and stature."
[Phil] Murphy, we have no idea what he is talking about," Foye, head of the MTA, said in a statement last week, prompting a sparing of words between the Cuomo and Murphy administrations."No agreement has been reached with New Jersey or anyone else on credits, exemptions or carveouts."