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Mr Jones yesterday called on English courts to follow the example of Welsh courts and dish out Asbos sparingly.
In a classic Mediterranean diet, cheese is used sparingly, in meals built around a base of fruits, vegetables, grains, and fish.
After Benedict's death in 1758--some 13 encyclicals later--the next five popes used the encyclical letter quite sparingly.
Use "exclusives" sparingly, or you will alienate reporters.
Can work well in hallways, living rooms and dining rooms, but should be used sparingly with a contrasting colour.
The Tax Court focused on the taxpayer's intent, the manner in which the venture was approached, the fact that the units were not located in an area of personal preference and the fact that the property was used sparingly.
The IRS has guidance on procedures it will follow before imposing the noncompliance penalty under Internal Revenue Code section 6038A and said the penalty will be used sparingly.
Camurus, founded in 1992, is a drug-delivery company that specialises in formulating technologies of sparingly water soluble drug substances.
During the occasion he requested the locals of Tshirunzini, in Limpopo, to use water sparingly.
The 18-year-old was sparingly used by Richard Money last season as Walsall's manager plumped most of the time for the less flamboyant but more disciplined left-sided link-up of Fox and Kris Taylor.
Washington played sparingly against UCLA because he was ineffective with the knee injury.
As Jeanne Jennings points out in the above article, "Use images sparingly, only when they advance the goals of the e-mail"--Jan White's sentiments exactly.