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For peaking of the pulse front, SOS diodes in the high-voltage PT circuit, as well as spark gaps, can be used.
During an arcing event, the gas in the vicinity of the spark gap is heated, leading to a local change in density.
An ignition system in the form of spark gap is conventionally used to short the Blumlein line circuit.
Other items purchased in the bogus transactions included parts for making nuclear devices and guiding missiles that could carry nuclear warheads, body armor and other hardware for ground combat, triggered spark gaps used to detonate nuclear weapons, and electronic sensors used in improvised explosive devices and gyro chips used in guided missiles and military aircraft, said the report.
The spark gap is flushed with a paraffin type dielectric liquid to allow a pulsed DC current to be used to develop the spark and the crater.
This technology enhances energy transfer which shortens process time and allows for a larger spark gap.
Ultra-Wideband technology has a history going back to Marconi and his original spark gap transmitters.
The variable spark gap, together with a high spark firing energy (80 mJ), is essential for igniting an air/fuel mixture that may have a high percentage of exhaust gases.
13,20,23,29] An electrical current passed between the electrodes of the spark gap produces an arc that vaporizes water, causing a microexplosion.
Several factors, including peak-to-peak voltage of the unit in the coagulation mode, determine the maximal spark gap permitted; ie, the greater the peak-to-peak voltage (crest factor), the more likely the spark will traverse the air gap to the tissue.