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Teagin said: "I was really, really upset when Sparkles went missing.
FELINE GOOD Teagin gives Sparkles a cuddle after the adventurous moggy's return
A large-capacity IP Point of Presence (IP-PoP) in Iran is launched by Telecommunication Infrastructure Company of Iran (TIC) in partnership with Telecom Italy Sparkle.
The TI Sparkle under the MoU will set up an IP Point of Presence (IP-PoP) in Tehran and the countrys global IP capacity will boost.
Origins Ginger Glimmer Glistening Body Powder, $25 There are a zillion ways to shine (everybody and their grandmother seem to love major glitter), but we love the subtle sparkle of this powder and its sweet, spicy scent.
Perfect for parties and when you just want that extra sparkle.
When I was a child I watched Mister Clean swirl through the kitchen to transform it into something that sparkles and shines.
We cannot determine that something is a good work of art simply by determining that it sparkles or shines, although sometimes these qualities contribute to the goodness of works of art.
Sparkles brings new innovation to the doll aisle this year with a touch of technology, and hours of entertainment and play as P.
Written by firefighter Dayna Hilton, Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog is a wonderful, flat-spined children's picturebook about the basics of fire safety--as taught with assistance from Sparkles, a friendly female dalmatian.
Leeza Gibbons Sparkles in 2000 Exquisite Ideal Cut Lazare Diamonds
Sparkle answers messages from other cats about the problems cats so often face in their lives.