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Lastly, Technip has just crossed a new milestone in spar deployment with the recent signature of a contract with Murphy Oil for the construction of a spar for the Kikeh field, in Malaysia.
Spar has already completed a roll-out of concessions to 19 Woolworths General Store c-stores since the start of March, after Woolworth's dropped its previous supplier Booker.
Trials of Spar concessions at four smaller Local stores in parallel with the WGS launch were called to a halt after a few days because of lack of space.
Ray McDermott and its subsidiary, Mentor Subsea Technology Services, have received contracts valued at approximately $65 million to perform work on the Boomvang project, a Gulf of Mexico deepwater spar development for Kerr-McGee Oil & Gas Corp.
Ray McDermott will be responsible for fabrication of the topsides production facility and offshore installation of the Nansen spar.
The spars program represents the continuous efforts of The Gloucester Adventure, Inc.
Sales for Spars in the latest fiscal year exceeded six million dollars with cash flows in excess of eight hundred thousand dollars.
The commitment of Chevron to spar technology confirms our belief that this is an attractive option for many deepwater developments.
A spar can serve as a drilling and/or production platform with the capability of storing large volumes of crude oil.
Under the contract, JRM will design and fabricate topside facilities for the spar platform, procure production equipment for the facilities, and transport and install the mooring system, topsides, hull, and gas and oil pipelines.
Spar retailers process about 350,000 transactions every week--more than 18 million a year.
Speaking at the 47th annual Spar Congress in Athens, Spar International md Gordon Campbell said the project was of "enormous strategic importance.