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Future work can involve 2D sparse interpolation of dam horizontal displacements time series.
To overcome this limitation, we focus on improving the memory access patterns of sparse matrix operations in this paper.
Problems due to small samples and sparse data in conditional logistic regression.
This type of ED is characterized by sparse blonde hair, a significant reduction in the number of teeth, inability to sweat normally in response to heat, and some minor features such as increased skin pigmentation around the eyes and a distinctive facial appearance (Figure One).
It is not that they wouldn't give it to you, but information is fragmented, sparse, or not there.
The isolation cell, referred to as "the hole," was a sparse eight-by-eight concrete room without running water or a toilet.
It is a very sparse play with few words," says Clare.
Energy Foods, with its stunning and sparse design, is visually invigorating from the cover to the last recipe.
Her shockingly sparse Afro screams, "affirm me as I am--a beautiful sistah inside and out.
But the findings are extraordinary, because until now scientists thought water on Mars could exist solely in frozen form below the soil, in polar icecaps, or as sparse clouds in the meager atmosphere.
Traditionalists moan that the British climate means it is too cold of an evening to play and watch cricket, and they point to the sparse crowds attending night matches as evidence.
In the old days, the population was so sparse that we could take a laissez-faire approach to development, but those days are gone.