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The municipality of SysmEn sparsely populated area of ?
The Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board which runs the Hospitals and NHS in North Wales treats local residents in rural and sparsely populated areas such as Meirionnydd and the Lleyn Peninsula with complete disdain.
The sheet with sparsely crosslinked microspheres grew into the thickest and most resilient neocartilage.
Expert researcher Donna Merwick (Senior Fellow, University of Melbourne) explores complicated issues of cultural entanglement, cross-colonizations, and human atrocity in this thoughtful history, sparsely illustrated with black-and-white maps and images.
Practice, Restraint is an anthology of sparsely worded free-verse poems, steeped in the author's quintessential talent to imply volumes from brief phrases.
It's sparsely settled and still largely wild, appealing to an unusual brand of traveler captivated by rugged wilderness conditions.
Centrally placed, these figures make an effective contrast with Lozek's renderings of angular attic rooms sparsely furnished with items suggestive of modern design in its more baroquely bastardized incarnations.
It means that sparsely populated eastern Washington is hamstrung by a Growth Management Act that was written for sprawl-averse, population-rich Puget Sound Basin.
Because most of the world is sparsely populated, dimming is essentially a regional effect, Kaufman's team argues.
Unlike Poe's classic, however, it takes the form of an extended, digressive dramatic monologue delivered by Henry MacAlpine, a famous Scottish artist living in self-imposed seclusion on a sparsely populated Breton island, to William Naysmith, Britain's leading art critic and the artist's one-time friend and early mentor.
The organism appears with broad, branched, and sparsely septate or nonseptate hyphae, often identified as fungal elements of the zygomycetes (6).
Plans for a massive schools re-organisation in Northumberland allow for a different system to be introduced in the sparsely populated rural area centred on Haydon Bridge.