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8 m long, basally 2-pinnate-pinnatisect, medially 1-pinnate-pinnatisect to 2-pinnate-pinnatifid; lamina rachises pubescent abaxially; basal pinnae 10-20 cm long, inequilateral, the segments adnate; pinna rachises abaxially eglandular, densely pubescent, sparsely scaly (sometimes apparently absent), the hairs 0.
If there was one for the whole of Wales, Cardiff, Swansea, and perhaps the Valleys in the south might be well catered for and possibly Wrexham in North Wales, but the rest of the country, being sparsely populated, would become a health desert, and in Meirionnydd the NHS would cease to exist.
The results indicate that the sparsely cross-linked microspheres, which degraded more rapidly by cell-secreted enzymes, provided a continuous supply of growth factor throughout the sheets that enhanced the uniformity, extent, and rate of stem cell differentiation into cartilage cells, or chondrocytes.
At the 21 sparsely populated sites between 15[degrees]N and 15[degrees]S, solar radiation reaching the ground rose by 0.
On microscopic examination, slide cultures stained with lactophenol cotton-blue showed broad, branched, and sparsely septated hyphae, without fruiting bodies (Online Figure 3; available at http://www.
Possible solutions to the problems of secondary education in the sparsely populated area to the west of Hexham have included the suggestion of moving the main school out of Haydon Bridge.
The California Poem is a book-length epic poem, sparsely illustrated with black-and-white photographs of the California landscape, that spans the time, science, history, and scenery of the Golden State.
Home of the Brave," our cover story beginning on page 20, explains that some have chosen to spread their coverage more sparsely, raise deductibles, change the way they calculate deductibles, or employ other strategies to minimize risk, but they're staying in the market.
The deal, which involves numerous properties in New Jersey and two in Staten Island, represents efforts by AT&T to recoup capital before the close of the fiscal year and consolidate sparsely populated office space.
Most of these systems are in arid and sparsely populated regions of the Western states.
She was a "vanner" in western Canada, participating in the caravans that brought Sunday school, teachers to sparsely populated areas.
If everything goes as scheduled, over the next five years an estimated $8 billion in salmon exports will flow from this sparsely populated backwater.