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Punctuation of dorsal surface sparser and 2 finer; elytra weaker wrinkled 1'.
In contrast, Walmart cut its grocery offerings dramatically to create sparser, tidier shelves to attract wealthier consumers during the recession.
Some of the most successful episodic television in recent years has been drawn from sparser material thanA Keshales andA Papushado offer us here.
This sparser and more abstract composition focuses attention onto the frame, which appears simultaneously structural and mimetic.
The navy cancelled its sailing in early February in anticipation of a sparser deployment schedule if the sequester kicked in.
And although her output these days is sparser, it's never less than stunning, which is why many fans will want to experience the magic in Wow, a celebration of the music and artistry of Kate Bush, when it visits Llandudno next month.
Very well-connected individuals have a rich treasure trove of data that they can mine, but the average person's storehouse of data is much sparser and has less relevance to these queries," said Ray Valdes, an analyst for Gartner Inc.
Here, the language becomes sparser, and the humor is used more sparingly, but to an even greater dramatic effect.
In the emergent northern states, the population is typically sparser, but miners are nevertheless often close to indigenous populations.
Since the data for making exact comparisons was sparser it could be carried out for only a handful of countries.
Ireland has fashioned its sparser fixture list around this ideal; Britain has not, and nor would it necessarily make financial sense to do so.
Whilst the sparser pages, where the story is told mainly through the images, are charming, the wordiness and clutter of many others suggest that those reading this to small children should judiciously 'prune' the written text.