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The panel discussion, with representation from both academic AI and the game industry, ranged over a number of topics that have only the sparsest coverage in the existing literature: the potential for mixed-initiative design tools to help novice designers, the limits of automation as game design blends into art (a form of human-to-human communication), three Asimovian laws for game design automation robotics, and exploiting a machine's talent for quantity with a human eye for quality.
The reconstruction of the sparsest solution of an underdetermined system has already a long history, in particular in signal processing and more recently in compressive sensing.
7 -- Just after one day of the second Bonn Conference, over 58 people have been killed and many injured in three sparsest unprecedented attacks in Afghanistan.
Lai, Sparsest solutions of underdetermined linear systems via [l.
However, in the sparsest model with the longest series it appears to have the predicted positive effect.
It is my belief that the level of police officers we have got at the moment must be maintained given the area we cover because the Coquetdale area is one of the largest and sparsest in the police force.
The sparsest of music, nothing vulgar, the tiniest tinkle on the piano keys.
For ultimate glamour, go for semi-permanent eyelash extensions, which can transform even the sparsest of lashes.
Optimism was the sparsest in Kenya (10%), the Ivory Coast (16%), and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (16%).
Entering one of the sparsest and intensely competitive jobs landscape in decades, many ex-offenders, like Donovan, must figure out how to overcome low levels of education, spotty work histories and, at times, their own habits.
The concentration of settlements is the greatest on the upper section of the Tisza (120 localities) and the sparsest in the mid-section recreation area (11 localities).
A national alliance of independents linking existing networks would create opportunity and leverage to control costs, effectively negotiate original content, and develop applications and software specific to the unique needs of rural independents facing competition, even in the sparsest areas, and coming from non-traditional sources.