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We compare our results to a weighted matching algorithm that constructs a sparsest basis B for column space of A, without attempting to control the number of nonzeros in [B.
Achingly earnest young thespians, musicians and comedians, fill the public spaces, performing before the sparsest of audiences at the most ungodly of hours, hoping to reach out and touch somebody who might be responsible for granting them their big break.
Coun Jim Wright, who is responsible for children's services, said: "Northumberland is the sparsest county in England which means we have to run lots more small schools and we have bigger school transport bills.
True, there was a howling gale playing tricks on the Olympic Centre Court and little atmosphere with the sparsest of crowds.
Given our weather conditions, Scots breeds of cattle, sheep, and even pigs are renowned as do-gooders - animals that can survive and flourish in even the sparsest of conditions.
THE JOLLY BOYS It was hard not to feel sympathy for veteran Jamaican combo The Jolly Boys as they were welcomed by the sparsest of crowds.
The problem to find the sparsest null-space basis for a given matrix is NP-hard ([18, 12]).
The decorations get less every year, with this year being the sparsest I can ever remember.
With the sparsest of musical backing, it's full of dignity, although you almost feel like you're intruding into a private harrowing moment.
The coroner said some of the home's medical records contained "only the sparsest details".
Making their first Scottish appearance, Swedish duo Sound Of Arrows may have played to the sparsest of crowds but that didn't stop them delivering an enthusiastic nine-song set.