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DCS theory provides different joint sparsity models according to different actual scenarios, including the common spare supports model (JSM-2) [13].
Owing to sparsity of the channel, an l1--norm based objective function has been considered for minimization [21].
We compare the imaging results of the proposed SPGL1 group sparse BPDN reconstruction algorithm with that of the existing MT-BCS and LAHMP algorithms, which use the same inherent spatial sparsity property as the proposed algorithm.
Normally, m = 0(K log(n/K)) is required, where K is the signal sparsity.
Input: Sensing matrix A, measurement signal b, sparsity K.
To identify hubs in two groups, bi was calculated at a fixed sparsity of 21%.
Notice that owning to the designed attack vector's sparsity, there is no need to acquire the system matrix's total knowledge.
As the user-item utility matrix is usually sparse, it leads to data sparsity problem.
In the friend of friend recommendation model used overcome the data sparsity and cold start issues.
It can not only ensure the sparsity of kernel, but also guarantee the connectivity.