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Spartan Sprint is scheduled to start at 9:30am and the Spartan Juniors at 10:00am.
In November 2012, the commandant RCAS launched a unit disciplinary investigation against 2Lt Spartan for playing squash in his spare time.
In 2012, Spartan are expecting a continued recovery in demand across the markets.
Spartan raised the necessary funds to build a Habitat house through a month-long scanning program in its D&W Fresh Markets and Family Fare Supermarkets throughout Grand Rapids and Holland.
The Persian force that remained behind was under the command of Mardonius, a brave and skilled warrior who intended to quell any further Athenian and Spartan mischief.
As a fitness enthusiast and a certified ISSA trainer myself, I salivate at the thought of going Spartan every year, especially after having finished three other obstacle races previously.
Spartan supplies more than 350 independents in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.
But overall, the age was one like no other in Spartan history because freedom prevailed as it never would again.