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May 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Youfit Health Clubs has announced Tony Spates the winner of its 60-Day weight loss challenge.
Alternatively, during sudden floods, or spates, greater discharge can increase the availability of habitat by inundating previously dry areas or scouring streambeds, resulting in a mosaic of patches that can be recolonized (Mackay 1992; Brooks 1998; Lake 2000).
We have had spates of metal thefts here in the past and this latest trend highlights how international factors such as the price of metals can have an impact on local crime.
Spates, however, are very bad news for this annual activity.
THE Conservatives are considering changes to employment law, with the recent spates of strikes increasing the urgency of any new plans, it was revealed yesterday.
We know that two 18-year-old men, Anthony Spates and Everett Jamison, stood in the parking lot outside a credit union in Frayser, Tennessee, with guns drawn on October 13.
He said some companies often target elderly people in areas where there have been spates of burglaries.
ABOUT THE TRAINER: Johanna Spates is a fitness specialist who works at 360 Health Club in Reseda, where she trains privately and teaches group exercise classes.
Nurse Spates, a lieutenant, works in the field hospital and treats prisoners every day.
3 in your Oregon program is defensive back Demetrius Spates, from Oceanside, Calif.
One of the worst spates of thefts has occurred on the Llyn Peninsula and Anglesey.