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1) Changes in the spatial distribution of stationary source emissions due to regional development patterns and technology changes, This topic includes research on the drivers of anthropogenic air pollutant emissions and how they will change and be manifested spatially over time across North America.
The use of a GIS with spatial statistics, including spatial filtering (smoothing) and cluster analysis, has been applied to other diseases, in which it is often used to analyze and more clearly display the spatial patterns of disease (20-25).
However, researchers have found differences in hippocampal size an spatial ability that favor male laboratory rats, the descendants of polygamous rodents.
Applying the Spatial Filter to the Number of Animals Submitted for Rabies Testing in Kentucky
Since Spatial Express adds the capability to store MrSID and JPEG 2000 imagery natively in Oracle Spatial, customers can use the applications with which they are most familiar while saving 95 percent of the storage space required for their imagery on their database and preserving the ability to easily query by coordinates and other spatial criteria.
0 is a service-oriented middleware component that receives and analyzes streams of spatial and temporal data.
The combination of LizardTech's Spatial Express and Oracle Spatial 10g delivers a powerful foundation for customers with spatial data management needs," said Steven Hagan, vice president, Oracle Server Technologies.
Anthony Jahshan Managing Director Open Spatial commented, "ViryaNet and Open Spatial already service the needs of similar large utility and public works clients.
0 allows organizations to maximize their investments in imagery and feature geospatial information by increasing accessibility to spatial data, and by enabling image exploitation by both local and remote end users via an Internet connection.
AC&E is an example of what Spatial components can provide to applications targeting the simulation, robotics and CMM markets," said Ray Bagley, 3D Modeling Product Manager, Spatial.
OTCBB:SANZ), SANZ Geospatial Solutions Group, a leading provider of spatial data provisioning solutions, today announced at the Ohio GIS Conference that the State of Ohio Office of Information Technology has purchased a license of its EarthWhere(TM) spatial data provisioning software.
MINNEAPOLIS -- ObjectFX Corporation, a leader in delivering dynamic location-enabled spatial information solutions, today announced that it was selected by the Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc.