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Our study used a GIS and spatial statistics to analyze the spatial distribution of a newly recognized tick-borne disease, human granulocytic ehrlichiosis (HGE).
Sex differences in hippocampla size related to spatial ability should occur in a wide variety of mammals, they theorize, since males in most mammalian species practice polygamy.
Spatial filter models are methods of exploratory spatial analysis that smooth point data, allowing values for central data points to be calculated.
Until now, LizardTech's customers, who widely used ArcMap, were not able to add raster imagery stored with Spatial Express in an Oracle Spatial database to ArcMap projects because ArcMap did not support Oracle's GeoRaster methodology.
Colorado, Spatial has offices in the USA, Germany, France, Japan, China and the United Kingdom.
0 is a service-oriented middleware component that receives and analyzes streams of spatial and temporal data.
With Spatial Express, organizations can now maximize investment in Oracle Spatial 10g by storing geospatial raster imagery natively in both JPEG 2000 and MrSID formats dramatically reducing the storage space used for their raster imagery by up to 95 percent while retaining visually lossless image quality.
Open Spatial's Enlighten product enables utilities and public works authorities to provide map and spatial assets information, such as electricity, drainage, roads, sewer, and water networks.
0 will allow users to more easily employ our intuitive image processing tools in the enterprise environment, providing organizations with the ability to collaboratively work with their spatial data.
Right now, Spatial InterOp Translators provide the most accurate and reliable data translation for CATIA V5 and SAT," said Phil Spreier, InterOp Product Manager for Spatial.
AC&E is an example of what Spatial components can provide to applications targeting the simulation, robotics and CMM markets," said Ray Bagley, 3D Modeling Product Manager, Spatial.
OTCBB:SANZ), SANZ Geospatial Solutions Group, a leading provider of spatial data provisioning solutions, today announced at the Ohio GIS Conference that the State of Ohio Office of Information Technology has purchased a license of its EarthWhere(TM) spatial data provisioning software.