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Thus, they act as if the cursor is simply an extension of the finger, in which case learning occurs best with spatial contiguity because the animal most effectively attends to those things closest to the finger during responding (Shuck, 1960).
One animal did so at a high level even without the gradual dissociation of stimuli and response loci, and 2 others showed fairly high performance for some lever positions even though 1 of those 2 did not make the immediate leap from spatial contiguity to extreme spatial discontiguity and had to be given one more step in the progression.
Rather, spatial contiguity is taken as an indicator of an important external influence on the size of state interest-systems.
The first compares Lowery and Gray's ESA model with four models emphasizing some aspect of region or spatial contiguity as independent explanations.
The authors argued that this use of spatial contiguity may have facilitated the emergence of equivalence relations, and thus it cannot be determined to what extent the temporal relations among stimulus pairs, per se, were responsible for the formation of equivalence classes.
The chapter by Barnes, Smeets, and Leader outlines findings from recent cooperative studies showing that conditional relations between stimuli may emerge as a function of spatial contiguity (compound stimuli) and temporal contiguity (sequential presentations of individual stimuli).
The experiment we now describe included further discrimination reversal training as before, but also attempted to induce stronger associations between the relevant stimuli by additionally presenting them in spatial contiguity.

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