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Our results suggest that the phenomenon of spatial distribution in a microbial community caused by temperature was common and desirable during composting.
Also the spatial distribution of the adults sampled by trap was aggregated, with the exception of the last sampling in 2012 and the sampling done in Feb 2013, when the index values were less than one.
Figures 2 and 3 show the spatial distribution of sulphate in the study area in 2003 and 2014 year respectively.
A multipoint measurement system that measured integrated dust mass concentration was used to determine the spatial distribution of TSP mass concentration.
Understanding the spatial distribution of plant parasites can have important management implications and can provide information about the dispersal mechanism of the parasite (van Staden et al.
The parameters derived from the best fitted model of each soil layer were used for kriging, from which we produced the spatial distribution maps of SOC content for each soil layer.
Spatial Distribution of CS in the Different Organs of Bamboo Plants and CS in Aboveground Parts of Bamboo Stands
It provided a clear and accurate vision to different animal types and their spatial distribution.
Accurate mapping of spatial distribution of vector breeding habitats is useful to define malaria epidemiology/distribution pattern.
He discusses how impedance affects the propagation of sound waves; the significance and units of the other physical values of sound pressure, speed, energy, power, and intensity; the reflection and transmission of sound waves on a discontinuous surface; how radiation, scattering, and diffraction depend on the spatial distribution of a discontinuous surface or the pattern by which an impedance mismatch is distributed in space, and how change in sound depends on the size and form of the space propagating it.
In fact, it has been shown that the spatial distribution of the rubber particles on the matrix of a blend compounded in a twin screw extruder is sensible to extrusion parameters like the width and angle of the kneading blocks of the screw [17].

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