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The focal point of this study is to evaluate the variability in water view quality by introducing a new geographic information systems (GIS) spatial variable, WATER VIEW AREA, which measures the area of water view available for each residential property.
A nonlinear random forest model was used to estimate the relationship between several spatial variables and maximum air temperature at 59 local weather stations on the days of the Landsat images.
In order to exhibit the advantages of the QSC-PDC method, we perform the classical parareal method for system (64), and the spatial variable is also discretized by optimal QSC.
The trio of mathematicians explores one-dimensional evolution with a real temporal variable and a complex spatial variable. After setting out the historical background and motivation, they cover heat and Laplace equations, higher-order heat and Laplace equations, wave and telegraph equations, Burgers and Black-Merton-Scholes equations, Shrodinger-type equations, linearized Korteweg-de Vries equations, and evolution equations with a complex spatial variable in general domains.
As simulated realizations do not have the smoothing effect, a number of realizations may be used to explore various possible spatial patterns of the spatial variable under study (here soil Cd concentration or pH) and thus provide a visual and quantitative measure of the spatial uncertainty of the target variable.
The new scheme is based on CIP scheme; as a new ingredient, the classical high-order compact scheme [23] is employed to obtain the derivatives rather than differentiate the equation with spatial variable to construct CIP scheme.
This assumption allowed bypassing traditional mathematical problem, which is raised in the study of transient dynamic problems for finite two-dimensional domains, and allowed further application of Fourier integral transform for the spatial variable.
Estimating the model in semi-log form reveals (after allowing for a variety of factors, including 12 spatial variables, four of which are de facto Tiebout type variables) that the natural log of the real sales price of a single-family house in the city of Savannah environment was in fact negatively affected by the city and county property tax level.
The final spatial variable of interest is the coefficient on the spatial autoregressive term, WP, which indicates whether professional sports teams are spatially competing when choosing their ticket prices.
Discretizing the spatial variable at the node points, and substituting (3.2) in the PDEs (3.3), leads to the system of ODEs
The PF is used as a spatial variable and analyzed using Moran's I.

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