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To see old schoolmeasther wi'out his hat, skimming along oop to his knees in mud and wather, tumbling over fences, and rowling into ditches, and bawling oot like mad, wi' his one eye looking sharp out for the lad, and his coat-tails flying out behind, and him spattered wi' mud all ower, face and all
broke out East, as soon as he had got wind enough, pulling off his hat and mopping at his face, all spattered with dirt and lined with sweat, from which went up a thick steam into the still, cold air.
After a good day's killing I have seen our decks covered with hides and bodies, slippery with fat and blood, the scuppers running red; masts, ropes, and rails spattered with the sanguinary colour; and the men, like butchers plying their trade, naked and red of arm and hand, hard at work with ripping and flensing-knives, removing the skins from the pretty sea-creatures they had killed.
He threw out the lees of his glass on the ground, so that they nearly spattered Cavalletto.
I've got your Bargeman's clothes, tore this way and that way with the scuffle, stained green with the grass, and spattered all over with what bust from the blows.
that I shall tread in the sticky warm blood, break the lock, steal and tremble; hide, all spattered in the blood .
Epistaxis, which is the most common emergency seen in ENT practice, poses a great risk of contaminated blood being spattered on the face of the attending medical provider.
The Ostraca Series also incorporates another element, an unmissable visual device that figures in a big and literally splashy way throughout all the bodies of work shown here: the busts are all messily spattered and streaked with layers of slip - white, yellow, red - that seem to have little to do with the pieces themselves.
SHOCKED workers were met with the grisly sight of blood spattered across their reception area after a late-night incident.
UN monitors probing the slaughter found pools of blood and blood- spattered rooms in several houses.
Ward was surrounded by a pool of blood, and blood was spattered in a line all the way to the road.