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Like Venter's nudes, this one too has been spattered with white slip - and heavily so.
Mr Sutton said eight cocks specifically bred to fight were seized from coops at the rear of the house, and he added: 'The upstairs was the cockpit and walls were spattered with blood.
A bright pink kitchenette, spattered with blood from a cleaver-wielding pig in the corner is in pieces; the old church, once the conclusion of the haunted maze in its old location, is being positioned as an entry portal to another world.
Blood spattered the length and breadth of our imitation Oriental rug, blood dripping from the splintered remains of our coffee table, blood smeared like a sign across my father's forehead, blood spurting from my cousin' s nose--and the two of them not so much fist fighting, no so much wresting as caroming, with a terrible bony thwack colliding, rearing back and charging in like men with antlers branching from their brows, fantastical, cross-species creatures sprung from mythology into our living room and pulping each other's flesh with their massive, snaggletooth horns.
said Iraqi policeman Abdul-Rahman Fawaz, who witnessed the explosion and whose face was spattered with blood in the incident.
The blue and gold spattered picture was shown as an example of modern art in one of the Tweenies BBC shows.
He would surely be spattered with blood, but that's not reflected in the reaction of the customers.
Dazed, panting, spattered with mud, thirty traumatized dancers stare at the audience like wild animals transfixed by headlights.
The outer one is made of St Gobain's Cool-Lite (K 169 Neutral) glass, spattered inside with a microscopic deposit of silver to reduce solar gain.