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This,' said the fellow, producing one, 'this is the infallible and invaluable composition for removing all sorts of stain, rust, dirt, mildew, spick, speck, spot, or spatter, from silk, satin, linen, cambrick, cloth, crape, stuff, carpet, merino, muslin, bombazeen, or woollen stuff.
The physician then carefully examined the face mask and counted the visible blood spatters on the eye shield.
The apparently chaotic application of coloured slip sometimes evidences itself, on closer inspection, as wide brush strokes (Ostraca Series: Light-Year even tracks the telltale brush strokes coursing around the figure's breasts) and spatters, a painterly touch of something akin to a touch of abstract expressionism as if, say, Jackson Pollack had aesthetically addressed the sculptural.
Meanwhile, a very rich man has been found stabbed to death in his own home, blood spatters all over the ceiling, and another family relationship that's not all hearts and flowers.
There were pools of blood and blood spatters in rooms of several homes together with bullet cases.
Bloodstain pattern analysis involves studying blood spatters on walls, floors and furniture, using the length and width of elliptical stains to estimate their angle of impact.
Children also used their detective skills to help solve a fictional murder using forensic techniques such as fingerprinting and examining blood spatters.