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Control fish (not having spawned) were maintained under identical abiotic conditions but at higher densities and without nesting sites.
Consider a two-period problem where initially there is one strategic project available that can spawn a future opportunity to invest in one operating project next period.
In a given year, latitude can be a good guide for the spring cycle including prespawn, spawn, and postspawn behavior and location in the central part of the continent.
Gonad stages were also determined by qualitative histological analysis and classified into six different categories: early-maturation, mid-maturation, mature, partial spawn, spawn and recovery, and spent (Navarte & Kroeck 2002).
They remain small, and spawn less compared to ideal, mature sardines,' Campos said.
Some users even reported seeing other rare PokAaAaAeA@mon such as Dusku spawn from eggs.
Fish were assumed to spawn on 1 January, and therefore all reproductive values in the stock assessment correspond to 1 January.
Natural spawning events are difficult to observe in situ; thus, spawn timing is determined using gonad indices (GI) in many marine invertebrates (West 1990).
Meanwhile, chests spawn will double ammo and consumables.
Interestingly, the necessity or ability of associate species to spawn on chub nests is quite variable.
Additionally, observations of females captured with males permitted an assessment of temporal patterns in spawning, the role of male size in attracting females, and whether larger females spawn earlier.
Another fact observed was that fishes that were to spawn in April-May batch, had their eggs and ovaries matured right from December and January.