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Therefore, larvae spawned in April and May, during the spring phytoplankton bloom, would have greater food availability than autumn-spawned scallops.
Six days later, nine twisters whirled through Iowa, followed on November 15 by a line of thunderstorms that spawned 35 tornadoes across five states.
The movie The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (Walden) has spawned a small library of books exploring religious themes in this children's tale: Briefly noted.
Nor did any of the treatments affect survival of the eggs spawned by this generation.
Large numbers of viable walleye eggs were collected, verifying that walleye spawned in Maumee Bay in 1998.
Northern and Grand Banks fish spawned on respective portions of the offshore banks, sowing the ocean currents with trillions of eggs.
And, 73% of test (spawned) fatheads spawned again within five days of temperature tolerance trials.
4 Discounted value of the spawned future operating project 2.
Nearly 800 artificially spawned 8-month-old sturgeon will be released, according to Dr.
Those young, naturally spawned salmon are now contributing to this summer's record return of adult sockeye to the Baker River.
Although females spawned naturally in the tank for their spawning periods of 2-3 months, they could not spawn naturally during the 48-h experiments.
In the small groups, typically only one or two males spawned with a female at any given time (n = 9 spawns).