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5 m depth), and, as would be expected, this marine reserve conserves spawners.
Mature fish showing a narrow otolith edge zone in their spawning year, different from the wider zones laid down in the previous years, were recorded as first-time spawners.
However, modeling habitat preferences was complicated by the fact that two types of spawners occur: those that exhibit peak spawning during April in the SCB at about 15.
Model projections of the fishery implications of the Allee effect in broadcast spawners.
The Siuslaw, for example, "did not have sufficient spawners in 2006," Buckman said.
KEY WORDS: reproductive cycle, fecundity, overfishing, broadcast spawners, recruitment failure, Allee effect, depensation
In the first year (2007) we established spawner sanctuaries inside stockades in Back Sound (at Middle Marsh) and western Bogue Sound (near Lovett Island) and in the second year (2008) at Middle Marsh, Lovett Island, and in northern Core Sound (at the Swash).
KEY WORDS: northern quahog, hard clam, Mercenaria mercenaria, bivalve reproduction, restoration, condition index, spawning, spawner sanctuary
VPA] matrix: (1) snail spawner virtual abundance (or SS index) and (2) snail recruit virtual abundance (or SR index) (Appendix, Table A2).
In some cases, the author "became curious about an industry and then worked from there to find the main talent spawners"; at other times, he "wondered if a prominent person was a superboss and followed up with research" or heard of a "talent spawner from a protege and decide to map out the industry in depth.
Like most of fish species in the family Lutjanidae, the Brazilian snapper is a multiple batch spawner with asynchronous oocyte development and indeterminate fecundity regulation (Bannerot et al.