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A total of 4036 codedwire tag recoveries were used in cohort reconstructions, 554 of which were from ocean fisheries (commercial and recreational), whereas the vast majority of the remaining recoveries were from spawner escapement surveys.
Although heterochronal spawners might not benefit from predator satiation as much as isochronal spawners, they do benefit from an increase in fecundity, a spread of predation risk, a spread of larval impact on their prey, and a decrease in the risk of spawning eggs in unfavorable conditions (12).
The distribution of oocyte diameters and the presence of several developmental stages within samples indicate that Gulf corvina is a multiple batch spawner (Calliet et al.
Indeterminant fecundity and spawning behavior of captive red shiners--fractional, crevice spawners.
Higher rates of survival to repeat-spawning age and a sex ratio closer to 1:1 should lead to accelerated population rebuilding, as opposed to the rebuilding potential of a population with far more males and virgin spawners.
In the present study we investigate other parameter such as PH of water as on of environmental factor or behavior of individual of fish after injection in the pond, chasing, charging; and restrained, aggression: zigzag swimming etc, but these factors had minor effect in ovulation of spawner and not any markedly difference between the three group of fish studied by us.
Fishery reserves protect the integrity of spawner density for high reproductive efficiency and larval production.
Is spawner biomass a sensitive measure of the reproductive and recruitment potential of Northeast Arctic cod?
The result was a more conservative ABC compared with that resulting from balancing yield and risk, and a clear recognition that while short-term fishery catches would be foregone, the risk of falling to historic lows in spawner biomass would be decreased.
Past spawner 1- Recent POFs are recent spawning abundant and distinguished by size (>250 pm across longest axis) and morphological features.
KEY WORDS: abalone, Haliotis kamtschatkana, Allee effect, broadcast spawner, fertilization, free spawner, density, distance methods, nearest neighbor, recruitment overfishing
Allee effects occur when population densities are so reduced that the distance between effective male and female broadcast spawners reduces fertilization success, and are significant considerations in the management and recovery of highly exploited benthic invertebrates (Levitan & Sewell 1998, Yund 2000, Gascoigne & Lipcius 2004).