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According to the Environment Agency there are 20 spawning areas in Cong Burn, a tributary of the River Wear, near Chester-le-Street, compared to a handful just a few years ago.
By comparison, water temperatures throughout the upper Gila River basin during the previously reported peak spawning month of April (Lewis, 1978) typically range from 9.
KEY WORDS: Placopecten magellanicus, sea scallop, semiannual spawning, gonosomatic index, Georges Bank
Check out a video that Blizzard put out about spawning below, courtesy of Youtube.
Spawning bass subsist largely on fat reserves built up over the fall and winter.
Such models were originally developed with population fecundity as the measure of spawners, but most current applications use spawning biomass, calculated as the total weight of mature females (Rothschild and Fogarty, 1989).
Vulcan donated more than $52,000 of crushed stone used to construct an underwater reef in the James River that will increase the opportunity for spawning success of Atlantic sturgeon.
According to local legend, the fish was once so plentiful a person could cross the stream on its backs in spawning season.
Tag returns suggest barred sand bass are transient aggregate spawners that form spawning aggregations consisting of both resident and migrant individuals.
A higher bacterial population along with more free water added at spawning will create better conditions for the bacteria to survive, reproduce and infect the spawn.
We can exclusively reveal that Prince Edward is to visit Wales next week in a bid to protect spawning salmon along the beautiful River Wye.
Maps with latitudinal lines often provide a general calendar of spawning time of walleyes and other species, starting with the lowest latitudes of the Gulf Coast and gradually moving north.