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Now in the social order, as in Nature's order, there are more young shoots than there are trees, more spawn than full-grown fish, and many great capacities (Athanase Granson, for instance) which die withered for want of moisture, like seeds on stony ground.
Why shrink from us, then, as though we were the spawn of the Evil One?
But as these animals and their spawn are known to be immediately killed by sea-water, on my view we can see that there would be great difficulty in their transportal across the sea, and therefore why they do not exist on any oceanic island.
No more than your work people mean here, whose crowning stupidity is their continuing to beget more stupid spawn for the slavery of the masters.
Each individual female typically spawns over a period of three months (Hirano and Yamamoto, 1992), and the spawning season of the population lasts 4-5 months (Takeno et al.
Directly following major bass spawns, bass begin to migrate from their shallow spawning beds out to deeper water.
The spawns were prepared as shown in Table 2 and kept inside a water bath at 37[degrees]C and 70% relative humidity for two weeks in order for the spawn to run [29].
Commercial spawns of a commercial hybrid off-white strain were treated with Fungaflor 75 SP (Jannsen-Cilag) at rates equivalent to 0, 0.
Most spawns (83%) occurred after 1900 hr, however, two spawns occurred at 1850 and 1854 hr.
9 days (Eaton and Farley 1974), each female spawns at least once during a 5-day period.
Knowledge of whether a species spawns synchronously is therefore important in elucidating its population dynamics, In addition, an understanding of how environmental factors influence the timing of spawning can help predict future spawning events or determine how changes in environmental conditions can affect reproductive success (Minchin 1992, Olive 1992, Watson et al.