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Each individual female typically spawns over a period of three months (Hirano and Yamamoto, 1992), and the spawning season of the population lasts 4-5 months (Takeno et al.
Trio spawns also have been observed in the catastomid Erimyzon oblongus (Page and Johnston, 1990).
micropogon a subordinate acted like a satellite male and stole spawns from the nest-building male, In addition, heterogeneric spawning clasps involv ing a male and female N.
The mitochondrial DNA analysis confirmed that multiple females were contributing to individual spawns over protracted time periods (weeks to months).
However, spawning in the afternoon is less common and may be linked to large tidal cycles and strong currents in the north of WA, as indicated for the brown stripe snapper (Lutjanus vitta) that also spawns in the afternoon in the Pilbara region (Davis and West, 1993).
Considered an inshore pelagic species (Valdez Munoz and Mochek, 2001) that spawns offshore, permit utilize a range of habitats that include coastal mangroves and seagrass beds, reef flats, and fore-reef areas during their life-cycle (Crabtree et al.
This slow growth may in part explain the near lack of recruitment from the two highest magnitude spawns occurring from 1 to 3 Jan 2000 and from 19 to 24 Jan 2000.
McBride and Thurman (2003) examined the frequency of postovulatory follicles and reported that both species spawn daily during late spring and early summer, but also that some portion of the ballyhoo population spawns year-round.
We also determine the time of day when this species spawns and compare the spawning frequency, batch fecundity, and egg sizes obtained during the spawning peak and the end of the reproductive season.
The number of batches that a female of a given length spawns was estimated as F/B (above).
A user even reported seeing two spawns in 18 eggs, which means that some users might get lucky during the event.
It gets sexually mature at 18-24 cm length and spawns in natural and artificial environments in two seasons i.