speak against

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On this day, you must resolve to speak out, you must resolve to speak against evil on our land.
MQM lawmaker Heer Soho said that it is the right of Khan Sahab to speak against corrupt and incompetent people in the parliament but not against the entire democratic setup.
De Lima said she knew that one inmate was taken to Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and was 'psychologically tortured' to force him to speak against her.
He said that the day on which these people were given their rights, there would be none to speak against Pakistan.
He said no one will be allowed to speak against Pakistan.
This is how the trolls likely saw Jess Phillips - as a sexist hypocritical woman who doesn't speak against International Women's Day, but who does speak against an International Men's Day debate.
Pro-government MP Saadun Hammad, who backs the law, said: "In some Arab countries, people who speak against the head of state disappear.
Kharge argued that members have a right to speak against the PM as he is the Leader of the House.
Over the last year, they found people to speak against the GE-len movement.
aI heard (BSP MP) Yavor Koyumdzhiev on TV this morning to openly speak against the EU.
Russia and China speak against the policy of the expansion of military alliances and the deployment of missile defense systems on a bloc basis, and also the "attempt by some states to ensure security at the expense of other states," Lavrov said.
Raghda said that she did not speak against the Egyptian revolution, and that it was unfair to be punished for something she did not do.