speak clearly

See: enunciate
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Folley, who cannot speak clearly due to what he describes as infection in the throat as a result of the incident, laments that he is the breadwinner for his six children whose mother died long ago.
SPEECH: Can the person speak clearly and understand what you say
Brussels is simply irritated if there are strong nation states which speak clearly and in a straightforward way .
The 2014 National Curriculum expresses it succinctly: 'Spoken Language--pupils should be taught to speak clearly and convey ideas confidently.
Face the person so you can be lipread and speak clearly, u y sing plain language, normal lip movements and facial expressions.
Drug or surgical treatment of the underlying disease or structural defect may restore the ability to speak clearly.
Use the FAST guide if you suspect the casualty has had a stroke: [bar] Facial weakness - unable to smile and the mouth or eye may be droopy [bar] Arm weakness - only able to raise one of their arms [bar] Speech problems - unable to speak clearly or may not understand the spoken word [bar] Test the signs and call 999if you suspect the casualty has had a stroke.
Susan Nataly Coombes, a concert soprano who teaches elocution and public speaking in central London, said demand was also high among City bankers and other businessmen who need to speak clearly for meetings, presentations and video conferences.
politicians will have to learn how to speak clearly and plainly about Europe.
According to organizers, the aim of the programme was to develop in students in their formative age the ability to speak clearly and correctly, especially in public and enable them to pronounce the words in a way that is considered to be socially acceptable.
His homilies, covering a broad range of time-specific topics, speak clearly to issues of any era.
I went to a lovely primary school (St Silas) where we were taught to speak properly and even in my senior school we were encouraged to speak clearly and communicate with our teachers and fellow pupils.