speak evil

See: defame
References in classic literature ?
The best treasure a man can have is a sparing tongue, and the greatest pleasure, one that moves orderly; for if you speak evil, you yourself will soon be worse spoken of.
"Thee mustn't speak evil of thy rulers, Simeon," said his father, gravely.
What made him particularly detested was the great aversion he had to Khacan, of whom he never ceased to speak evil to the king.
"Maledicto is to speak evil or to curse somebody or something."
In Ghana, it seems the Chinese can do anything at all, and when we talk we get warned by their Ambassador here, not to speak evil of her people.
'We must not speak evil against our father land, which is our country Nigeria.
If we will think about it, those who continue the hate crime, speak evil of others, condemn gay people, rejoice over the mourning of those who lost loved ones in this tragic event, also got killed, and they are not aware of their deaths.
I would rather earn the stigma of a non-patriot than remain a mute commentator who does not see evil, speak evil or hear evil like the three monkeys made famous by Mahatma Gandhi.
Maybe, he didn't take the advice seriously because when it came there was no electronic media and man did not have to see evil, hear evil or speak evil on the idiot box.
The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashian' star had recently posted a selfie on the social networking site with a caption that read that one should neither see evil, hear evil nor speak evil. ( ANI )
Be an upright person, a just and true person, a patient and kind person, a person content with life, a person who can rejoice and not speak evil.
Those who have the least will have the best chance to flourish in an environment free from daily assault by employers and occupying forces, neighbors and those who speak evil of them.