speak formally

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Police interviewed Mrs Griffith for the first time yesterday as she had been too upset to speak formally following Wednesday's crash.
She said she had not been able to speak formally with other members of her party on the Authority but added: "This is my personal view, and I hope others from my own party and the other groups will agree.
Peter was the chairman at Leeds who tried to sign me in 1998 and Leicester City wouldn't give permission for me to speak formally about the position at Leeds.
New Zealander Robert Marin was the first person with an intellectual disability to speak formally at the UN.
They all had a lot invested in the morning and they were all very keen to make sure it was a success' For the first time ever, some of the Parklands coaches had the opportunity to speak formally in front of an audience as they explained the details of the coaching session to the young Stockton Wood pupils.
She became a neighborhood celebrity; the neighbors gathered and listened to her, admired her clothes, and invited her to speak formally at church, an opportunity extended only to important individuals (Clark).
For example, we celebrated the first anniversary of the Welsh Manufacturing Forum earlier this year - the body whose remit it is to speak formally to the Assembly on behalf of all manufacturers - a role called for by the Welsh Electronics Forum nearly five years ago.