speak highly of

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The pitch is magnificent and Peter is the first player I've known to say anything other than speak highly of it," said City manager Jones.
Some of the lads in the Saints dressing room who know him better than I do, like Leon Pryce who was with him at Bradford, speak highly of him and that's good enough for me.
Howland regularly calls Bozeman ``the glue'' of UCLA, and other players speak highly of Bozeman's leadership and marvel at his pain threshold.
Troops in the field speak highly of the system, want more of it, and credit Predator for saving lives," Severyn said.
Most of my friends and correspondents enjoyed their enforced years of exile but even those whose experience was less fortunate, who may even feel scarred for life by the family separations, speak highly of the generosity of their host countries.
People speak highly of you in the past and can't believe you have done that which the jury says you have done," he added.
Not only does this speak highly of Cryomedical Sciences but, more importantly, we will now have one of the leaders in our industry helping guide us as we seek to become a major company in the health care field.
CEOs of Sigma portfolio companies speak highly of how we leverage our network, our experience and our creativity.
But Judge William Gaskell told him: 'You are of good character and people speak highly of you but that night you had drunk more than was good for you.
I have not seen a lot of Matthew but people I know at Crystal Palace, where he went on loan last year,and Arsenal speak highly of him.