speak ill of

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Damien Schmitz, who runs a kebab shop in Paris, puts it more bluntly: by criticising the kebab, he says, "you can speak ill of Muslims without speaking ill of Muslims.
He told the Sunday Times magazine: "It is said you shouldn't speak ill of the dead but it seems to me an ideal opportunity.
Speak ill of Christ, receive a strong letter; speak ill of Mohammad, be promised death.
God has also prevented Muslims from speaking ill of the gods and deities worshipped by non-Muslims so that they do not speak ill of the One, True God.
The famed choreographer insisted she was "extremely proud" of Gaga and vowed never to speak ill of the star, but she has now claimed that she didn't feel comfortable working with the more religious themes used in controversial promos like Judas.
But, without wishing to speak ill of the dead, Kennedy might easily have ended up as the presidential equivalent of Steve McClaren.
I have great respect for Herman and his character and I would never speak ill of him, on the record or off the record," Anderson said.
The Chinese Foreign Ministry couldn't have put it better when it said: "Nobody has the right to speak ill of China's judicial sovereignty.
If you speak ill of another star, fans will get attracted.
THERE used to be a saying "never speak ill of the dead".
Sorry to speak ill of the dead but Jade was a puppet on a string and if she had any real substance she would not have placed herself in full view of the media along with her family not only to raise money for her children but unfortunately also for her manager and publicity agents.
While one is taught not to speak ill of the dead, one must admit that this is not the history such a famous publisher deserves.