speak publicly

See: declaim
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Whenever I speak publicly I have to go to the archives, go to the library and see what statements we've passed over the years.
It takes a lot to come forward and speak publicly about the deplorable state of where you work, but nurse Sister Fiona Salter could take things no longer.
We call upon bishops to speak publicly on the spiritual consequences for our legislators and upon the latter to oppose the legislation forthrightly.
a It enables people to speak publicly about important issues for the first time in decades.
Educate: Defining the problem, Although legal concerns, shareholder lawsuits and ongoing negotiations with creditors made it difficult for Ashanti's executives to speak publicly, communication strategies focused on windows of opportunity for management to define the company's problems on its own terms, as opposed to reacting to media speculation.
During the last Assembly election RMT leader Bob Crow did come to Wales to speak publicly alongside one Assembly Member, the independent from Wrexham, John Marek.
As a professional speaker, I understand the difficulty many individuals experience when asked to speak publicly.
To what degree was your ability to speak publicly facilitated by the experience?
Bill Clinton's White House operated on the theory that one of the best ways to forward the administration's agenda was for the president to speak publicly about big news events--from school shootings to rising fuel prices.
Despite the massive publicity, Garzon has refused to speak publicly about the affair and efforts by LATIN TRADE to reach him for this article were unsuccessful.
Less known is the constancy with which some of his friends advised him to speak publicly about his gay side.
Donna Schall, a fifty-seven-year-old Quaker, went on record at a city council meeting the following month as the first resident to speak publicly against Stow's seal since a high school student named Neil Agarwal confronted lawmakers eight years earlier.