speak the truth

See: disclose
References in classic literature ?
to speak the truth and to pay your debts--no more than this?
I am here because I dared speak the truth of O-Tar the jeddak, to one of his officers.
Let my first ancestor be my witness, O-Tar, that I speak the truth," he began.
I will speak the truth, then, to my king, at the same time imploring him to excuse the frankness of an old soldier.
Beg of him to speak the truth, and he will tell no lies, for he is an excellent person.
Beg of him to speak the truth, and he will tell you no lies, for he is an excellent person.
Twould have made you die with laughter-such tales he told Of his caprices and his merry freaks Along the road-such oddity-such humor-- Such wit-such whim-such flashes of wild merriment Set off too in such full relief by the grave Demeanor of his friend-who, to speak the truth, Was gravity itself--
When the time comes, speak the truth if it seems best to you.
But if we were friends, and were talking as you and I are now, I should reply in a milder strain and more in the dialectician's vein; that is to say, I should not only speak the truth, but I should make use of premisses which the person interrogated would be willing to admit.
I am his nephew; he did speak the truth there, although he is generally telling lies.
It is undeniable that now you speak the truth," returned the scout, betraying more anxiety than was usual; "yet what can be done?
Nay, sir," answered Dowling, "if your worship bids me speak the truth, I am sure I shall do it.