speak to

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I was asked now to speak to an audience composed of the wealth and culture of the white South, the representatives of my former masters.
Franklin to speak to Rosanna, and this seemed the fittest time for keeping my word.
Tell him I must see him again--must speak to him instantly.
There was no need for me to speak to her; our father had spoken to her from his grave.
Her eyes moved uneasily from object to object in the room, betraying plainly that she suspected what my purpose was in coming to speak to her.
It is so that she would speak to you herself, and in her name it is that I speak now.
Sakes alive, Miss Pollyanna," she gasped, "did that man SPEAK TO YOU?
Mercy rallied her courage, and forced herself to speak to him.
If you please, sir, would you have the goodness to walk in, and speak to Miss Dartle?
I feel thou art not gone- yet dare not look, Lest I behold thee not; thou couldst not go With those words upon thy lips- O, speak to me
He had not been able to speak to Mary, though for a moment he had come near enough to be tantalized by a wonderful possibility of understanding.
It is only justice to add that, when he did make up his mind to speak to me again of Eustace, he spoke frankly, and spoke to the point.