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Speaking in tongues is a phenomenon central to the worship of some Christians today, including Catholics involved in the charismatic renewal.
The mother's insistence on speaking the HL at home can be contributive of the HL children's adherence to both languages (Kondo, 1998).
About 900 people were imprisoned for speaking against the war, and 65,000 men declared themselves conscientious objectors.
And a couple of times, when I wanted to insert the words Naturally Speaking, the software opened the Naturally Speaking menu instead.
Most of the countries in the English speaking Caribbean received their independence in the 1960s.
Instead of representing a "[T]ruth," a "unity" or a "belongingness," a critical use of the self may come to emphasize the "historical conditions" involved in its speaking.
For many people, one of their most common fears is speaking in front of an audience.
Pasolini's film rendition of the sermon highlights this uncertainty about the sayings' context, presenting most of the sermon through a series of head shots of Jesus speaking, but varying the background sky: night, day, storm clouds, lightning, and wind.
Intelligent -- often brilliant -- individuals who are able to communicate effectively one-on-one, but fall flat when speaking to groups.
TAKE A COURSE Ideally, sign up for a course in the country that speaks the language that you want to study, For example, sharpen your Spanish speaking skills by taking a course in Spain--even if you're only staying for a week.
But paintings are not mute poems, and poems are not speaking pictures, so misinterpretations of Horace have continually clouded our endless accounts of the relations between poetry and painting.